Featuring our newest product, our M Collection Planner.

Craftedly created by our professional designers to fit and organize all your day's work and scheduled appointments. This comes in handy pen friendly sheets for you to jot down important events and business transactions within your reach.

Paper is an acid free type so it can last as long as you keep it as a memorabilia.  Contents are carefully laid out to match everyday's encounter and a reminder too

Available in spring-bounded, hard-bounded and special paper covers to give a corporate look and feel.

Nothing comes back in mind for as long as it's written down.  Make this everyday special. Get your planner and make it a part of your success.

5.5x8.51₱ 425.00
2₱ 850.00
3₱ 1,275.00
4₱ 1,700.00
5₱ 2,125.00
6₱ 2,550.00
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Total : ₱ 425.00
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